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Getting married in Greece



Each year many Australians choose to marry in Greece, particularly on the islands.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides general advice regarding Australians marrying overseas.

In Greece, a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) is required by both religious and municipal organisations for each non-Greek citizen wishing to marry in Greece. The CNI application form can be downloaded at Marriage Overseas.

It is important to note that the acceptable place of issue of the CNI, whether it be the Australian Embassy in Greece, an office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia, or an Australian mission in another country, can differ significantly between organisations.

In the first instance you should contact the priest or celebrant who is to marry you, or your wedding planner, for confirmation of the documents required and the acceptable place of issue of the Certificate of No Impediment.

The application may be lodged with the Embassy in Athens or at any office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia for issue in Greece.

Please note that the CNI is issued in English. Most organisations however, require all documents (CNI, birth / baptismal / divorce / death certificates) to be translated into Greek. It is practice in Greece to accept only official translations completed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Translation Section Tel: 210 328 5713 and 210 328 5736) in Athens or one of Greece\'s overseas Consulates/Embassies. The Greek authorities will charge for this service.