Australian Embassy
Bulgaria, Romania

Notarial and Passport Fees

Passport Fees (effective as of January 2023)

Passport fees
Αντίτιμα Διαβατηρίων

Ordinary passport
Κανονικό Διαβατήριο
(35 visa pages)
(includes diplomatic
& official passports)


 Adult / Ενήλικος   (includes overseas surcharge EUR 92)



 Children under 16 years /  Ανήλικος - για παιδιά κάτω των 16 ετών  (includes overseas surcharge EUR 45)



 Children aged 16 to 17 years / Ανήλικος - για παιδιά ηλικίας 16 εως 17 ετών  (includes overseas surcharge EUR 45)



 Senior (75 years of age or older) / Αιτών άνω των 75 ετών  (includes overseas surcharge EUR 92)



 Replacement Passport (limited validity) / Αντικατάσταση Διαβατηρίου (με μειωμένη ισχύ)



 Emergency Passport /  Για επείγον διαβατήριο




Fees are reviewed each month and adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations. When payment is made by Credit Card, your credit card will be charged the fees applicable when your application is received.


Notarial Fees (effective as of January 2023) 

Consular Act  EURO
 Administering an oath of receiving a declaration or affirmation, with or without witness of signature 50  
 Witnessing a signature or the seal or the signature and seal of an authority or person, other than a person specified in reg 3 50  
 Making and certifying a copy of a document or part of a document 50  
 Witnessing the execution of a will or Centrelink Proof of Life signature  50  
 Issuing a Certificate of No Impediment 101  
 Preparation of an Apostille (no binding) or an Authentication  58